2015 Goals

ticked-checkbox-1280927-mWow it is already April. Time is just passing quicker than I realize. This year is already 1/4 of the way over. At times I feel like I have accomplished nothing this years and other times I feel like I am doing pretty good this year. With another month in the books it is time to review the goals I set for myself at the start of this year.

Goal number one was to improve my health and fitness. During January and February I did great with going to the gym and eating healthy most of the time. This month was not as successful as previous months. For a variety of reasons (actually they are excuse, reasons just sounds better) I let myself slip a little. However, I did not go off the deep end or anything. I did eat healthy most of the time. However I let my exercise routine slip a little. I did not drop any weight, however, I did not gain any either. So for 2015 I stand at a 10 pound loss. This is not good in my book, and I will be working harder next month to add to that number.

My second goal was to become a better disciple by reading my Bible and spending time in prayer.  I have currently read 22% of the Bible. Usually I start a plan and once it hits Leviticus I quit. Leviticus and Numbers are so hard to read.  I have finished Leviticus and am plugging through Numbers. I am determined to read my Bible through in a year. So far I am right on track. David and I are still meeting with our small group, and I am still working with a small community of ladies to help encourage each other to continue to read the word daily.

Goal three for the year was to blog more consistently. In March I blogged 21 out of 30 days. That is pretty good. I also feel that the quality of the post were good and not just posting for the sake of posting.

Overall, I feel that March was a successful month for goals one  and three. I need to work harder to become successful and see progress with goal two. .

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