Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)It has been a while since I have been here. The past few weeks have been very busy yet good.

Madilyn had her last day of 1st grade. She is excited to be out of school for the summer and even more excited that she will be in second grade next year. She is enjoying day camp at the YMCA.  I had to enroll her in camp for last week due to my having to work post planning days. We decided to enroll her in a camp session that offered swim lessons. The sessions that include swim lessons are two weeks long. Madilyn is very excited that she gets to go to camp again next week. I just hope that she is learning how to swim. Our last attempt at swim lessons did not go well.

Caleb is now in California and officially works for NASA. He even got his first stipend check. He seems to be enjoying himself. He called us after his first day of working and said it was awesome. He is making new friends and learning new things. We are so very proud of him. I just wish he would call or text a little more often.

Not much has changed for David. He is still working as hard as ever. He enjoys being able to work from home a few days a week. However, that may change once Madilyn and I are home all day long making noise and disrupting his work flow.

My last two weeks have been good. I was blessed to be able to travel cross country with my son. The details of that trip are for another post.  For now I will say I am glad we got to make the trip together. I had post planning last week. It was an extended post planning due to having to make-up snow days. I spent several days with hardly anything to do. Now I am enjoying summer and look forward to a long rest and making memories.

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