I went to the doctor today and it seems to have been a wasted visit. I walked out wanting to cry. The doctor was compassionate and believed my symptoms but said she did not know what is wrong. So she gave me a prescription for a uterine infection and said it may or may not work. Then she told me I need to come back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound, that the symptoms and infection may be a result of “non-removed” tissue during the procedure I had to have done in November. What the hell!!! Now I have to wait 3 weeks to see if this is what is causing my symptoms. What about fitting me in, so I can get some piece of mind. If there is still remaining tissues from the D&C in November the medication won’t really help, it will make the infection go away for now but once the course of medication is over in 7 days the infection and symptoms will just return again.

This really SUCKS.

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