Moving on- Well at least trying

Prior to October I had gotten all of Madilyn’s baby stuff together to give away. Well then we found out we were expecting which was so unexpected. I put everything back where it belonged so it could be used for the new baby. Then I had a miscarriage and I have been putting off packing the stuff up again. It was just too painful to even face anything baby related.

Well all of the infant stuff is no longer in the house. We were told about a foster family that had gotten an infant and 2 toddlers (2 and 4) with no notice, so we gave everything to this family. It feels good to help a family in need, but sad because giving away Madilyn’s things really means we are moving on and letting go. I am ready to move on, but still in mourning over our loss. I am ready to move on but due to my bodies inability to heal properly after the miscarriage I am finding it difficult not to be reminded of the loss almost daily.
I am having more good days, than bad but…. I just need my body to heal so that I can begin the emotional healing.

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