Hate feeling like this….

I am not doing well this week. I am really trying to forget and move on but it just is not happening. The fact that my sister-in-law is expecting does not help matters, along with the fact that I am still having issues from the D&C. I was doing pretty good and then last night the post of “We are having a boy” showed up on my Facebook. Great for you!! I should have found out 2 weeks ago what we were having. I know it is not their fault that I am in pain, but every time something is posted about a baby due around the same time as mine was due I just fall apart. Several weeks ago I blocked post from several pregnant people just so that I could deal and heal. I did not block this one person because they are a family member, however, for my own sanity I need to block their post for the time being.

I know that they have a right to post about the happiness they are having, but I also have a right to mourn without feeling guilty about my feelings of sadness. Mourning takes a while, and takes even longer when you are hit in the face by others expecting and with continued health issues from the miscarriage.

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