Ed.S- 1 Semester Down

Thursday night I completed my 1st semester in the Educational Leadership Ed.S Program at KSU. It has been a very hard semester so I am glad that it is over. I did receive A’s in both classes and my first 6 credits toward the degree. At times it was a struggle just to make it to class much less finish assignments and research for papers.

I think that this semester was so hard because I was still and still am in some ways dealing with the miscarriage and continued health issues since the miscarriage. College professors won’t take the excuse that I just needed to curl up in bed and cry as an reason for not coming to class so I had to push through the emotions and do what needed to be done.
I have a month off before the summer semester starts. I plan on spending my extra time with family. The summer will be long and hard with my goal of completing 9 credit hours in 8 weeks.

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