Pray for Revolution Church

Yesterday I posted something on Facebook that was not positive about a relationship being damaged because the other person is uncaring and rude and does not think about my feelings only their selfishness. The very first person to call me out was my Youth Leader. She wanted to make sure that I was not just venting on Facebook and that I had done as the Bible had instructed. While I had done as instructed in the Bible it was great to know that my youth leader of the past still cared about me and only wants the best for me. Here I am a grown up with grown up problems and the people in my life that still help me are the leaders from my youth. I went to a small church, we had all of 12 or 13 youth group members. Today most of us are still friends, we communicate and share our lives and our youth leaders are still here to help guide us through what life throws at us even after all these years. Thank you Tom and Karen for being there then and still being here now, thank you for answering that call so long ago.

After direct messaging with Karen for a while before church and getting my head back on straight I went to church. On the way to church I was mourning over the fact that my son does not have the support of a Youth Leader. Everyone who knows me knows, my church has been through a lot this past year and we are starting to get back on track which is great.
The topic of the sermon was “Relational Roots” the text was from Acts chapter 2. We all need not only Sunday morning church but we need to build relationships with others in the church and have time with each other more often then once a week.
I am posting this asking that my friends, family and all who read this to pray for my church as we take the next steps in helping our members establish roots. Yesterday, cards were passed out asking for people to sign up if they were interested in helping in anyway with small groups. Pray that the right people, the people that God wants will step up and serve in some way with our small groups.
I am not sure what the youth will look like in the coming months- will they have small groups, or a large group or some of both. Pray for our church staff as they continue to work out these issues along with other issues in the church. Pray that Godly good people will hear and respond to the call to step up and help in the lives of the youth of Revolution Church.

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