Getting back in the Groove

For about 9 months I was in the groove- I was a coupon shopping saving freak. Then something happened, I guess you can call it life and I relasped back into my old ways of grocery shopping. Which meant shopping with no list, no coupons and just buying whatever I wanted to buy. Of course with the old habits the old dread of grocery shopping, and the shock of the bill at the end of the trip returned.

Now that I am feeling better I decided that I needed to get back into the groove and start saving money again on my weekly shopping trips. Today my bill totaled $167.45, after coupons and store specials I paid $56.25. Not a bad start to my getting back in the groove.

My best deals today were:

Dial soap at .33 per bar.
Nivea Body Wash FREE
Betty Crocker Potatoes for .29 per box
Halls Cough Drops for .52 per bag


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