The Tea Party

Sometimes as parents we get so wrapped up in our to do list and adult responsibilities we forget how to have fun. Sometimes we get so busy that our kids begin to think that they are not important or that we don’t have time for them.  I never want my children to feel this way.  My schedule with summer school has been so jammed packed with classes and homework I have started feeling like I never see my kids.  One day last week Madilyn helped me to have fun and to remember what it is like to be a little girl full of excitement.  I love that she has the power to do that. 

On Saturday during a raid of the kitchen cabinets Madilyn found my china tea set.  Immediately she tried to get the pieces out of the cabinet so that she could have a tea party.  I was not too happy that she was once again getting into the cabinets and I was less than thrilled that she was trying to get the tea set out of the cabinet.  The first thing that went through my mind was “how many times do we have to discipline her for getting in the cabinets?”  The next thing that went through my mind was “shes a kid, and she found something that she wants to play with.”  Instead of getting angry with her I talked with her calmly about not getting into the cabinets without asking. Then I took a few pieces of the set out and let her see them.  She immediately asked for a tea party.   I decided that it would be fun for her to have a tea party.  However, the tea party  would have to wait until after we went grocery shopping and after she took her nap.   You would have thought I told her we were going to Disney World. She was so excited.

I decided to take Madilyn grocery shopping with me because I had not spent much time with her during the week.    When I picked up strawberries and blueberries she said, “for my tea party?”  I thought why not.  I then decided to go over to the bakery and pick up a few petit fours, just to make her tea party extra special .  Madilyn told the bakery employee that she was having a tea party and she wanted the ones that were pink.  I just could not get over how excited she had become.  Once we returned home from the store it was nap time.  The entire time David was putting her down for her nap she was talking about the plates, cups, juice and milk that would be at the tea party.

I decided to make some finger sandwiches to go along with the berries and petit fours.  When Madilyn got up from her nap she was so excited to see her little table set with the real china tea set.  She was also excited to see the lunch I had prepared.  She had a good time an enjoyed using the tea cups, pitcher and saucers.

I am glad I did not miss the opportunity to create a memory and a happy time for Madilyn.  I am glad that I took the time to reinforce to her that she is important.  We had a lot of fun eating together and laughing together.  This entire day could have gone so differently if i had just yelled at her to stay out of the cabinets.  However, because I took a minute to think things through we had a good time and made some good memories. As parents we need to always remember that our children need us to spend quality time with them even when we have a to do list that is 10 miles long.

I see more tea parites in our future.

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  1. Renee Michael says:

    I would love to come a tea party! I remember having one with my granddaughters about 3 months ago and it was one of the best times I have had….You are so right about taking time with our children and making good memories…