So it had to happen sooner or later, and it happened this weekend.  I had to go grocery shopping.  Our stock pile is starting to get really low since we have been living off of it for three weeks.  It has really been nice to not feel pressured to shop since I have been so busy with school.  Even without shopping my family was still able to have well balanced meals. This was NOT a great week for deals at the grocery store, but I still did pretty good with finding a few good deals today.

My total before coupons and BOGO was $147.51 the amount I paid was $82.35.  This week my savings totaled $65.16.  Not too shabby for the amount of stuff I was able to purchase.

Deal’s of the Week:

ALL Laundry Detergent:  $3.00 per bottle minus a $2.00 off coupon so the price was $1.00.  I stocked up and purchased five bottles. This deal was not listed on the Southern Savers website.  Southern Savers did have a deal that would drive the cost down to $2 a bottle, but that is not as good as the deal I found.  You have to be careful when using websites to match your coupons.  Depending on the area in which the writers of the site live the deals and sales may be a little different.

Minute Rice on sale for $1.89 per box minus a $1.00 off coupon so the price per box was .89.

French’s Mustard on sale for .94 per bottle minus a .50 coupon that doubled to $1 off, so the store paid me .06 to buy the mustard.

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