Savings this week

“Compassion without action is just pity, when Christ cared he took action, we need to see others where they are and take action” Robbie Schwandt

The sales on soups, canned vegetables and cereal have been pretty good the past few weeks. Now is the perfect time to stock up in order to help the local food banks with the upcoming holiday season. Within the next few weeks I will be boxing up extra soup, vegetables and cereals and dropping them off at MUST Ministries in order to help those in my community that are in need. I hope that some of my readers will do the same.

I was so excited that my overall grocery bill was under $100.00.  My total prior to BOGO and coupons was $154.64.  My final total after all discounts was $79.86.  This week I really stuck to my coupons and did not purchase anything that I did not have a coupon for. The man in the checkout line behind me got a little annoyed when he realized how many coupons I had.  However, when he saw that I saved $74.38 he was quite impressed that I shaved almost half off of my total grocery bill.

Deals of the Week

  • Progresso Soup on sale for @2.29 for 2 cans minus .50 coupon (doubled to $1) makes the total 1.29 for a final total of .64 per can.
  • Mount Olive Pickles on sale for $1.39 minus .50 coupon (doubled to $1) makes the total .39 per jar.
  • Green Giant Steamer Vegetables on sale for $1.19 minus .50 coupon doubled to $1) makes the total .19 per package.

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