Savings this week

I don’t think I have mentioned lately that I LOVE coupons.  Tonight as I was checking out the man in line behind me told me that I needed to teach his wife how to use coupons. I took that as a compliment.

This was a great week for shopping. I managed to save a decent amount of money while replinishing my stock pile. My total prior to BOGO and coupons was $173.83.  I paid $106.83 saving  $67.00.  I was really hoping to keep the total under $100 for the third week in a row but that did not happen.

The past couple of weeks the coupon books have been a little thicker.  There are a lot of coupons in the books to help prepare for the upcoming holiday season (baking and staples). For those of you new to using coupons don’t rush to spend the coupons.  If you wait and be patient many of the items in the recent coupon books will go on sale  before the coupon expiration date. One of the biggest mistakes with coupon use is using the coupon too soon, only to miss a great sale at a later time that would have permitted you to get the item for free or almost free.

Deals of the week:

  • Athens Feta Cheese: = $1.25 per container  minus a coupon for BOGO so each containter ended up costing .65.
  • Tic Tac: =.99  minus a .75 coupon for a total of .24 per container.
  • Yakisoba Noodles= .79 per container minus .50 coupon doubled for a cash rebate of .21 cents per container. They actually paid me to leave the store with these noodles.
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce= On sale for 1.19 minus a .50 coupon doubled for a total of .19 per bottle.
  • Huggies Tub of Wipes= $2.55 minus a coupon for .55 cents.

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