Savings this week

Once again, I was able to keep my grocery bill under $100.00 this week.  My total prior to BOGO and sales was $155.68. I paid only $79.25 saving a total of $76.43.  In addition to my groceries I purchased two greeting cards at a cost of $4.75. 

Every time I think I am too tired or too busy to clip coupons and match up sale advertisements I remind myself that if I don’t take the time to coupon shop I am robbing my family of money that can be used for other things. Since we donate a lot of what we purchase I am also robbing my family of the chance to help others in need when I don’t take time to coupon shop.

Deals of the Week:

  • Lucky Charms 2 for $2.49 minus a .50 coupon doubled for a total of $1.49 for 2 boxes = .75 per box.
  • Barilla Pasta 2 for $1.29 minus a $1 off 2 coupon for a total of .29 for 2 boxes =.14 per box.
  • Colgate Tooth Paste on sale for $1.47 per tube minus a .50 coupon doubled for a total of .47 a tube.

I am excited that a friend has started a coupon exchange group.  The purpose of the group is trade coupons that we do not use for those that we do use. Coupon trading will help to enhance our saving  and buying power.

Also, don’t forget to use your coupons for non-perishable goods to help those who are less fortunate. I bought a lot of pasta at .14 a box this week for the purpose of donating to others. With the holidays approaching and the state of our current economy demand will be high at our local food pantries. “Don’t be a passive Christian be an active Christian”– Malcolm Young.  Donating to those in need is just one way you can start to change from being passive to active. Don’t let the opprotunity pass you by.

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