Still Saving

While I have not been activity blogging about coupon use and savings recently I am still saving a lot each week on my grocery bill and personal items for my family. I have been extremely busy and unable to blog on a consistent basis. I hope to resume blogging on a regular basis within a few weeks.

My stock closest is packed full.  It is time to clean out the stock pile so that I can clean out the freezer and be sure that none of my purchases go to waste due to expiring. It is hard to mange product rotation and expiration dates when the pantry is stuffed to the brim.

For the next two to three weeks I will not be making any grocery purchases other than fresh foods. I will use items I currently have stockpiled in order to reduce the number of items I have on hand and to organize the stock room. The only coupon I will be clipping will be for fresh foods and person items that I can get for free or nearly free.  Hopefully by the time that I need to shop again I will have time to blog about the savings.

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