Summer is ending…

We are in our last two weeks of summer.  It is hard to believe that it is already time to get ready to go back to school. Time has seemed to fly by this summer.

Caleb is away at Space Academy in Huntsville this week so the house is quiet.  His summer has not been that eventful this year because of my college schedule. I am just glad that we were able to send him to Scout Camp and Space Academy this summer so that his entire summer was not spent at home.

In just two short weeks Caleb will begin high school. I can not believe that we are already to this point in his life. Lucky me I get to be part of it and watch from afar, since he is going to the school I work at.  It just worked out that my school assignment is the school he is zoned to attend. He is still not too sure he is going to like having me in the building.

Madilyn gets prettier as each day goes by. I can not take her anywhere without someone commenting on how beautiful she is. Sometimes the people creep me out because they get into my personal space while looking at her and trying to engage her in conversation. I try not to be rude to people, but I wish others would have respect for personal space. Madilyn has become very entertaining to watch during play time lately.  She has started pretend play, and makes up stories with her baby dolls while having tea parties with them. She is just adorable to watch as she plays.

As for me and David not much different is going on for us. David is working and I am trying to get things settled at home and work prior to my scheduled surgery. The next week or two may be pretty busy for me.

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