Gotta Love Dates

At church on Sunday our pastor reminded the men of the church that they need to date their wives and treat them like they did while they were dating. I am so glad that David does not need that reminder. For the past several years we have made a consciouses effort date each other. No matter what we do on the date it is always nice to spend time alone and to focus on each other without distractions. 

Yesterday we went on a lovely lunch date at Pappadeaux. It was nice to have a grown up meal and conversation. I love my kids, but I need time away from them every now and then and they need time away from me too. As a couple we need time alone every once in a while.

It seems that some people would rather divorce than to work on the issues that are causing strife within their marriage and family. Relationships take work and I love that I have a husband who values our family enough to still date his wife and to work at having a better relationship on a daily basis. David and I have been blessed in our marriage. Our issues are normally small and easily worked out by just talking for a few minutes. I really believe that our time together prepared us to deal with this past year. We have spent years loving each other and building our relationship and our work has paid off because situations that could have put distance between us actually drew us closer together.

Our pastor posted a blog yesterday that summarized the sermon on Sunday and linked to an article called, “10 Habits of Happy Couples.” The blog and article are worth the read- Pastor Gerdes Blog

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