Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was spent in Sebastian FL. We had a fun time visiting with family.

On Christmas Eve we decided at the last minute to attend a Christmas Nativity program at one of the local churches. For a small church they had many talented singers. Later that night we let the kids open 1 present, which is our family tradition. Caleb got a Braves  baseball cap, and Madilyn got a shopping cart. Madilyn spent the rest of the night playing with her shopping cart.  She went “shopping” in the kitchen and found some pudding and muffin mix.

Christmas morning was a fun time for the kids. Madilyn was really into opening her gifts this year. She loved all of her new toys. Caleb was excited to get a replacement IPod. He got one for his birthday a few years ago but it got dropped into some water and has never worked properly since. Diane and Aubrey loved the digital photo frame that we got for them. We loaded the photo card with pictures of all of their grandchildren. We got my mom and dad the same gift which they also loved.

We had planned to have dinner at David’s brother’s house. However, due to their illness we had to change plans. Despite the change in plans we had a very tasty Christmas Dinner at the in-laws house. We all pitched in and helped to make a wonderful Christmas dinner.

Christmas 2010 has come and gone. I am pleased that we kept Christ at the center of our celebration and that we once again spent time teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas.

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