One of my goals

Sometimes we fail to reach our goals because we do not have an accountability system in place. I have set a goal for this year and am putting it out there so that people in my life can hold me accountable for reaching the goal.

One of the goals I have set this year is to read the entire Bible. I am know that even though I have a minor in Biblical studies and have been a Christian for over 25 years there are passages in the Bible that I have never read. Normally when I read my Bible I focus on scriptures that were presented in church the previous week, or I find scriptures that speak to me in an area that I may be struggling with.

I don’t plan to just read God’s word, but I plan to read and reflect on what is being said. I am sure that there will be many forthcoming blog post based on my daily readings and reflections.

I found a website that features 5 Bible reading plans in over 50 translations. I have decided to read the NIV (2010) starting with the New Testament. The website I am using is:

As of today I am on track with my goal.

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