Art Night

Last night Life Bible Church hosted an Art Night. It was a fun time of looking at art, creating art, and seeing how God can work through art. David and I had a really good time looking at all of the art work. I did not realize that we had so many talented people at Life Bible Church. Some of the art work on display was so professional you would expect to find it in high end galleries. I was in awe of the talent. We also enjoyed listening to music and to Sylvia giving her testimony of how art helped to heal her broken heart.

We were given the opportunity to work with one of the artist on a simple painting. It was fun to put a brush to canvas and see what we could create after just one lesson. David and I both painted the same ocean scene. We did a decent job recreating the sample painting. I think we were drawn to that particular painting because we will be enjoying the palm trees, beach, and days on the water next week.


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