Who am I? (Part 1)

I love the show CSI, and I especially like the theme song, “Who are you…” Once I hear that short intro to the show it is hard to get the song out of my head. Life moves so fast that who we are can change with each passing day or with one defining moment in time. Sometimes I wish a team of experts like those portrayed on CSI could come in and examine my life and just tell me who I am.

Recently the pastor of my church preached a message on the topic of how words define us.  Whether we want to admit it or not we spend a lot of time defining ourselves and letting others define who we are. We also spend a lot of time trying to live our lives based on the way we have been defined. I have not had a message speak to me like that message did in years. I have spent the last several weeks processing the message and what it means to me and for me. The most surprising revelation, is not how others define me but how I define myself and how that definition conflicts with God’s view of who I am.

I encourage all who read this post to take a few minutes and listen to the message (here) called “Words Define.” I think we all need to be reminded that no matter how we view ourselves that God’s view is all that matters.

**Part ~Coming soon.

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