Who am I (Part 2)

Who am I? The words most often used to describe me are:  daughter, wife, mom, adoptive mom, teacher, student, and Christian. These words may define parts of my life but they do not make up the total of who I really am. These words do not get to the core of what makes me me. They do not tell anyone about the deeper parts of me, my personality, or my passions. These words just describe a small portion of who I am.

People form definitions of some words based on perceptions and past experience. Some people say teachers are lazy uncaring people who teach because they can’t do anything else, while others say teachers are caring and teach out of passion.  People who are against adoption call adoptive parents baby thieves, while those who support adoption call adoptive parents loving people who want to expand their families. So which definition of teacher and adoptive parent is correct? It depends on your perception, but could your perception about me be wrong? So who am I really when the layers are peeled back and everything is exposed?

Part 3- Coming soon.

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