I’m Back

It has been awhile since my last post. I have struggled with my decision to continue to blog or to stop blogging. For now I have decided that I will continue to blog. Today as I write I can honestly say it feels good to be writing again. I have to admit I want to lie and say I have not blogged because I have been too busy, but I’ll stick with the truth.  

I have not blogged because sometimes readers are offended by my display of emotion and the amount of openness I write with. Some people can not handle human emotion. I feel sorry for emotionally void people. Our emotions are a gift from God that we should embrace. We should not intentionally hurt others with our actions, but we also should not stifle our emotions in order to make others comfortable. Writing opens up the windows to your heart and is a means of communicating emotion. I can not hide my emotions when I write. I have tried and it is impossible for me to do.

Another reason I have not blogged is that some people take my post as personal attacks. Believe me if I write about you, you will be told before I publish the post. Just because I am in the midst of a struggle does not mean that you or something going on in your life if the source of  my issue. If one of my post matches a situation you may be in, it does not mean that I am “calling you out” or offering my take on your situation. It means I am in the midst of a very similar situation. It offends me that some people think I would attack others through my blog post. If you feel I am attacking you maybe you should ask me why I posted something instead of trying to find hidden meaning in the things I write.

My post will not always be roses and sunshine but they will be real, open, and honest.

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