Work Holidays

I was looking forward to having Monday off just to do nothing. Yes, a girl can dream but I knew before the holiday that it would not be a real “day off.”

Work holidays are no day off for the working parent. Those of you who work full time and have kids know that these so called “work holidays” are far from holidays. I think I did more work on my holiday than I would have done at my job. My holiday entailed cooking three meals, cleaning the kitchen, running the kids to the doctor, entertaining a 3 year old (all day), and taking care of a few house cleaning items that I have been putting off forever due to a lack of time.

For most working parents work holiday’s are the only time that big projects at home can get done. Normal days off are spent doing the normal house work, shopping, and other family stuff so the big projects get put off until the “holiday” rolls around. My big house project this time around was getting my closet cleaned out and getting the hall closet reorganized again. I hated to face these closets but it needed to be done. They were both becoming an uncontrollable mess. They were also becoming unusable because nothing that was needed could be easily located.

I am glad I had the day off. I got to spend a little time with my baby girl and tackle the daunting closets. I feel like I accomplished something with my holiday. I just can’t wait until I have some “real” time off to have a real vacation.

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