My Sweet Moments…..

Many times in life we take the little things for granted. Sometimes it’s these little things that create the sweet moments in my life. Its these sweet moments that make me wish I could make time stand still, if even just for a few moments.

Some of my sweet moments include:

  • My little girl playing quietly in the living room early in the mornings. I love that when I walk into the room she breaks out into the biggest smile and it makes me want to smile too.
  • My husband coming up behind me and kissing my neck as I cook dinner or while I’m brushing my teeth.
  • My son making jokes that I don’t understand but my husband does. They don’t make me feel stupid at these times, they just explain why the joke was funny.
  • My husband bringing me flowers for no reason.
  • My little girl making me apple pie in her play kitchen that is served in a coffee pot and includes onion and tomatoes as ingredients.
  • My dog greeting me each afternoon as I arrive home from work.
  • Spying on my son while he is hanging out with his friends in the courtyard at school. Its great working in the same building that he goes to school. I get to see a side of my son that many parents don’t get to see.

Theses are the moments that help keep me grounded. These are the moments that make me know that I am loved, cherished and cared for.

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