Dance Camp….

In the dance studio

Madilyn has been begging us for months to let her take a dance class. I had looked for a place that would offer affordable lessons at a time that worked with our schedule but could not find anything.

Several weeks ago I found a place not far from home that had a week long camp that started with basic ballet steps and gymnastics. I went ahead and signed her up. She liked it so much we decided that we would enroll her in a weekly class during the fall when we found out they had one that would fit our schedule. Her class will make Monday’s even harder than they already are, but I think it will be good for her to participate in an organized activity.

Since camp ended she has talked non-stop about taking classes again in August. I had to laugh at her when we took her to a splash pad and she was practicing her ballet steps in the water. It was super cute.

My Dramatic Daughter.

Madilyn's Dance Hair.

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