He’s Driving, I’m Praying

Caleb and his "new" used car

Caleb and his "new" used car

The state of Georgia saw fit to give Caleb an official drivers license. I am so glad that we took the time to get his license before our vacation. The new GA law that took effect on July 1 is making the Department of Motor Vehicles an nightmare for those seeking renewals and licensing. However, I am conflicted with how I feel about this milestone in his life.

At this time last year I could not wait for him to get a license. His getting a license would mean that I would not have to pick him up after drama practice or other school and church activities. His getting a license meant a little more freedom for me, David, and Caleb.

Well now that he has the license and can drive solo…. I am more nervous than ever. This should be an exciting time, but for me it is a scary and stressful time. I can not help but worry about him when he leaves the house. He has only left the house a couple of times, and each time I pray the entire time that he is gone that he will be safe.

I guess in time I will get used to his new found freedom and not be so nervous about him driving solo. But for now each times he leaves I am praying that God will keep him safe and that he will return home safe and sound.

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