Family Vacation…. Disney

Last week we took a family vacation. This vacation was a splurge for us, because we just recently went on a cruise. We don’t normally do two big vacations in one year. However, with this being the first summer in 4 years that I have not been in school we thought it would be fun. Plus Madilyn is the perfect age for her first trip to Disney World.

We spent our first day of vacation at the Magic Kingdom. Madilyn was so excited to see the Princess castle. We arrived just in time to see the afternoon parade that featured all of the Disney Princesses and several other fun characters. It was a little hard to find rides that all of us could ride since Madilyn is so short for her age, but we rode plenty of rides and had a blast. We all enjoyed the fireworks show that night.

We spent day two at Hollywood Studios. Caleb and I rode the “Rocking Roller Coaster” while Madilyn got her face painted to look like a Pirate Kitty. She was so excited to ride the Toy Story ride. After the ride she even wanted to meet Buzz and Woody, and she is not really a character meeting kind of kid. We rounded out the day with dinner and fireworks at Epcot.

Day three was spent back at the Magic Kingdom. It was the perfect choice for the day. Madilyn and I were able to enjoy ride after ride with NO waiting. I am not sure where everyone was that day, but the park was very deserted. Caleb rode Space Mountain three times with almost no waiting. Unfortunately David had to work a little that day so he did not get in on the fun of ride after ride with no waiting. We spent our afternoon at Epcot with one goal in mind~ ride the Nemo ride. It was a little disappointing to David, Caleb,  and I but Madilyn LOVED every minute of the ride. Our evening was spent at Vito’s Chop House.  We went to Vito’s last time we were in Orlando and it was just as good as we remembered and was a great place to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Our last day at Disney was spent at The Animal Kingdom. We enjoyed watching the Lion King Show and seeing “It’s Tough Being a Bug” in 3D. Caleb rode Expedition Everest and said it was a pretty good coaster. Maybe next time I will be able to ride it.

Over all we had a great time at Disney. The only thing that could have made it better was if David did not have to work in the mornings on 2 of the days, and if Madilyn was two inches taller so that she could ride more rides.

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