Out of love not obligation…

David and I have been together for 21.5 years. During that time we have had several life changing, tragic, emergencies happen in our lives. Each one of these events has brought us closer together. I think the reason for that is our typical reaction these types of events. In times of trouble we always depend on God to get us through. Part of depending on God is also depending on his church and our church family.

During our most recent event (David’s motorcycle accident) I was overwhelmed by the love and support shown by our church family. I have never experienced such an out pouring  of love and kindness. I still can not believe the ways in which people have lovingly reached out to us.  In the past if people reached out to us it was mechanical, or a second thought, or” because we have to.”  This felt so different and genuine. It felt REAL.

I was surprised (I should not have been) to receive phone calls, text, and emails from almost every staff member at the church.  Our son received messages from the youth pastor which helped him to know that people were not only thinking of his dad, but they were also concerned about how he was doing. Every phone call, text, and email message has been encouraging and uplifting.

Members of the church stepped up to offer help with “whatever” we needed done. I had people volunteering to keep Madilyn while others offered to prepare meals, or do lawn work.  Every offer was made out of love and concern not out of obligation. I truly appreciate all of my family at Life Bible Church.

There is a difference between loving outreach and reaching out because you feel like you have too.  I am proud to be a part of such a caring body of believers. I feel privileged to call Life Bible Church my home.

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