Christmas Traditions- A new one

In our home we have a lot of Christmas traditions. For example the first Christmas decoration to be displayed is our Christmas Nativity, and we tell the story of the birth of Jesus as it is unwrapped and set up. We bake Christmas cookies together and go to Christmas Eve Service just to name a few.

This year we are starting a new tradition, the Christmas Count Down Chain.  I don’t know why we never did this with Caleb, we just never did. He has a countdown Nutcracker that he changes the number on each day. He has been doing that each year since he was around the age of 5 so I guess that is his count down tradition.

Madilyn had a blast using my crafting supplies to create her 1st ever Christmas Countdown Chain. She loved using my paper cutter to cut the links for the chain. She liked using the glue gun to attach some of the cutouts and ribbon to the paper. She was very proud of the finished product.

What are some of the Christmas traditions in your home?


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