The Perfect Tree

The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!~ Charles N. Barnard

In our kitchen we have a little Christmas Tree. This tree is adorned with all of the ornaments our children have made over the years.

Most of these ornaments come from projects made at school during the holiday season. There are also many ornaments that were selected by the kids to paint at home.

Our little tree is getting jammed packed with treasures that my children have made.  Many of these ornaments truly look like they were made by toddlers showing the use of too much glue and running paint. Every year as we decorate this tree so many memories come to mind as each ornament is hung.

This year Caleb painted a cross and Madilyn painted a bell. We had a fun afternoon talking, laughing, and painting our 2012 Christmas Tree ornaments.

Many people would look at our tree and call it tacky, I call it perfect.


***Photo by Donna

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