Our Christmas Nativity Tradition

This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger” ~ Luke 2:12

Each Christmas season the very first Christmas decoration to be displayed is our Nativity set. When Caleb was 5 he dropped one of the kings and his hand broke off. Some how the hand got misplaced so we have just displayed the set with a one handed king. Many times over the years I thought about replacing the set, but never did.  Madilyn was playing with the box that we store the set in and she yelled, “hey I found a hand.”  I have checked that box many times over the past several years and never found the hand among the tissue and foam peanuts. So for the 1st time in 11 years our king has his hand back.

Our Christmas Nativity tradition is special to me. This year Madilyn was so excited as we brought out our nativity. I carefully unwrapped each figure from the tattered paper that is meant to protect the figures. I asked her who each figure was. To my surprise she got every single one correct. She gleamed with excitement as figure after figure was unwrapped. Once all of the pieces were open I told her the story of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three kings, the shepherds, and the angels.  As I placed each figure in their assigned spot she could not contain her excitement of wanting me to put the next figure in place. It was a special time with my little girl.

I want my children to remember why we have Christmas. This is one reason we go through the unpacking and setting up of the nativity each and every year. This is also the reason that I have a small nativity set in each of our main living areas. Our main Nativity sits in our foyer. It is the first thing we see each day as we enter the living area of our house and its the first thing that all guest who visit our home will see. For me and David and hopefully for our children the birth of Christ will always be the center of our holiday celebration.

**Photos by Donna
Dining Room Nativity

Dining Room Nativity

Living Room Nativity

Family Room Nativity

Kitchen Nativity

Kitchen Nativity


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