Lloyd Family Update

Well we have transitioned from the Thanksgiving season into the Christmas Season. Our home is starting to look like Christmas. We should have the final touches done sometime this coming weekend.

It is only Wednesday and we have  already had a very busy week.

Caleb has been working with the school drama production of Oklahoma. He is the stage manager.  I will be glad when this production is over, because it is taking up so much of his time. I feel like I have not seen him in weeks due to his school and drama schedule.  Madilyn is excited about all of the holiday stuff they are doing at school. She loves playing and learning with her friends.

David is keeping busy with physical therapy appointments. He has to go several times a week for both this hand and his leg. He is making excellent progress and feels better with each passing day. Every time I think about his accident I am so thankful that God was there protecting him and that his injuries were not more sever. I am also thankful that he has been able to continue working so that our finances did not become a mess.

I am doing really good. The surgery I had a few weeks ago went well. I am fully recovered in my mind, however I still have a few limitations with lifting and exercise.  I am missing the gym and can not wait to get back. I also can not wait to restart my running training which I had to stop due to the issues I was having before surgery.  I feel so good physically that I am having a hard time remembering that I am not allowed to be lifting anything right now. I hate having to ask others for help.


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