A Christmas Memory….

I think as we get older we like to remember the magic of Christmas and how we felt when we got that one special gift. Most of us can remember one gift that stood out and continues to stand out as time passes by. For me that gift was “Moppets Secret Dollhouse.”

I loved this gift and I remember playing with it for hours. I remember being so excited about this toy on Christmas morning. I could not wait for it to get put together so that I could start playing.

I don’t remember ever asking for this dollhouse, but I may have. I just remember loving that little dollhouse. The doll came with a few outfits, and the house had several accessories. It was just a fun toy to play with.

I found one on line a few weeks ago and almost bought it, but decided that I really did not need to spend the money on a toy, even if it was my favorite toy as a child.

Image from Google Images.

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