Lloyd Weekly

We started our week out celebrating the Christmas season with our church family at the Life Bible Church Christmas Party. Madilyn was so excited to sing on the “real stage.”  She did very well and was very proud of herself.

Caleb and I finished another semester at school. Caleb had finals in all of his classes this week and I had to wrap up grading for the semester. Caleb did really well and ended the semester with 5 A’s and 1 B.  He takes honors and AP classes, so I am very proud of his final grades.

Madilyn has strep and did not like that she is missed two days of school, one of which was pajama day. She really likes going to school and spending time with her friends.

David is looking forward to having a few 4 day weekends over the next couple of weeks. He has not really had any time to relax and enjoy the family. Between working and medical appointments his days have been very long and full.

We are looking forward to Christmas in the coming days. We will spend Christmas at our own home for the 1st time in several years. We will miss being with our extended families but we need to spend some of the holidays in our own home.

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