The Halls are Decked

Sometimes I think I go a little over board with decorating our home for Christmas.  I just love getting the house ready for the holiday season. Each room that we decorate has a theme all its own.

The living room is formal with rich burgundy and golds.  The dining room is as white as white can be. Our kitchen is where we keep all of the home made items and things that just don’t go in any of the other rooms.  The focus of the foyer is our Nativity.

This year I did most of the decorating while Madilyn was napping one afternoon. When she came down stairs she said, “wow this is beautiful.”  I wish I had the camera in my hands when she saw everything for the first time. She was just so precious with all of her little comments and her eyes full of wonder.

I guess it is easy to accumlate deocrations when you have been married for 21 years and never toss anything out. My kids love the decorations, and I love making the holiday season special by making our home festive.

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