Being like Caleb and Joshua… from the basement

To my Christian friends I challenge you to not be complacent this year in your beliefs and standing up for God.  Things are changing quickly in this world and many are trying to silence the believers of God.

Below are thoughts that I wrote in May of 2010. Today I still believe that we all need to strive to be more like Caleb and Joshua and not be silent.

Recently I have been studying Numbers 13 and 14. These two chapters deal with the spies that were sent out in advance of the people of Israel to scout out the land God had promised. When the spies returned to the people to report on the land they reported that indeed the land was good but they would not be able to overtake those who currently laid claim to the land. However, 2 of the men Joshua and Caleb insisted that God was with them and the land could be theirs. Most sermons that I have heard preached on this text focus on “being faithful to God” or “calming God’s promises.” However this time while reading these passages something else seemed to overpower the previous mentioned themes of the chapters.

In verses 6-9 Joshua and Caleb continue to encourage the people and tell them that God was with them and that the land would be theirs. In verse 10 we learn that the people wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb because they were so insistence that God would deliver the land to the people.

While reading this text I could not help but think– when was the last time I stood up for God and his promises to the point that people wanted to hurt me? When was the last time I have seen or heard of anyone standing up for God in this way? Lately it seems like the “Church” is too busy being politically correct to take a stand for God. We are becoming so meek that we are not claiming the promises that God has given us as his people. We sit quietly and do not speak the truth when it should be spoken. God did not call us to be a timid people. Many Christians will not speak up or take a stand on any of the hot topics such as abortion, homosexuality and adultery. We clam up and don’t say anything for fear of offending others. How about we not worry about offending and worry about souls going to hell.

For some of us when we do speak, we let someone say one or two words and then we back down and won’t continue to speak the truth that is found in God’s word. Can you imagine being Caleb and Joshua they had courage to stand and proclaim the promises and word of God among people who wanted to stone them for speaking the truth. Here in America what is the worst thing that will happen to you if you stand up and proclaim God? I am sure you won’t get stoned.

My prayer today is that I will become more like Caleb and Joshua and that I will be bold in my faith, speech and testimony.

****This post was originally published May 20, 2010.

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