Lloyd Weekly

This week has not been that busy, but we still had a lot of stuff going on.

This was the last full week of school. Senior finals had to be given, grades had to be posted and underclassmen finals started. All of these test made for a very busy week.

Caleb took his US History AP test earlier this week. He thinks he did well. Scores for AP test will not be released until July. I dislike that it takes so long for these test results to be made available. Caleb only has 2 more days left of his junior year. My baby boy will be a senior in just a few days.

Madilyn and I worked in the garden some this week. She enjoys working in the garden. She was thrilled to see that the flowers she planted for me last Mother’s Day at school has grown and bloomed again.  We FINALLY planted flowers in the pots we painted a few months ago. I am not sure if we will ever get a proper garden planted. It seems like it rains every weekend and we are just too busy during the week.

David got to spend some time at the lake this week. He picked the most beautiful day to work at the lake. I was a little jealous that he was at the lake while I was slaving away in a cinder block office with no windows. OK, who am I kidding I was insanely jealous. I am happy that his job allows him this kind of freedom. I am sure it makes his work more enjoyable.

This weekend Madilyn and I are planning on going bowling with the Life Bible Kids. The entire family is also making plans to go berry picking on Sunday afternoon if it does not rain.



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