Another Milestone

preKGradMadilyn hit another milestone this week. She graduated from Pre-K. 

David and I were both able to attend the program. I am glad that they did not go all out and do caps and gowns. Her teachers kept it sweet, short, and simple.  Madilyn had a great time performing a few songs with her friends, receiving her certificate, and having an ice cream party. The simplicity made it enjoyable.

Madilyn has been attending the same childcare center since she was 7 weeks old. This place has been like a second home to her for the past 5 years. It will be strange not to make my daily stop at that school next year. By the time Caleb had reached Pre-K he had been in 6 or 7 different centers. We never really found one that we were happy with for him. I feel very blessed that we found the perfect fit for Madilyn and our family.

Next year Madilyn will be in Kindergarten and Caleb will be a Senior. Talk about being at both ends of the spectrum.  Academic year 2013-2014 should be interesting to say the least.


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