Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016chalkboard-300x190Once again we find ourselves looking for a new church. We enjoyed our time at LBC but have decided that at this time it is best that we move on. We have fundamental spiritual differences with the church leadership that we feel cannot be overcome and we simply cannot “agree to disagree.” We do not take this move lightly and have been praying and seeking God for direction. During the summer months many changes were made and implemented that we just do not feel comfortable with. We have no ill feelings toward anyone in the church we just feel that we need to go to a place that aligns with our beliefs and feelings more closely.

We have visited a few churches and hope to find our new church home soon. I was dreading this process because last time we changed churches it was so hard on Madilyn. She asked for about a year when we were going back to our church. To my relief she has not once asked to go back to LBC. She is happy to be meeting new people and visiting new churches.

Over the past few weeks we have visited a few churches. We went to one that we will never step foot into again, and we have been to one that we feel will fit our family. We are just waiting on God.

We want to find a church that we can connect with spiritually, as well as build personal relationships. We want to find a church that has a strong youth group/young adult group. We want to be in a place where we can best serve and use our talents to God’s glory.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue to find our way.


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