Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)What a super long week. I am so thankful that David is home safely.

Madilyn had a fantastic week. She got her first report card and is doing well. They don’t really give grades; they just note mastery of material given. She also got to go on her first school field trip. They went to Yahoo Farms. She enjoyed the hay ride and picking out a pumpkin.

She has been begging me for a hula hoop, and I happened to see one on clearance at the store the other day so I picked it up for her. She has spent hours mastering the hula hoop. She is doing great and loves it. Madilyn also had her first swim lesson this weekend. She was so excited that she was up and dressed in her swim suit by 6:30. We are hoping that by summer she will be swimming well enough to go snorkeling.

Caleb finished up work on the school play, so he actually got a little bit of down time this week. He took the ACT for the first time yesterday, so now we just have to wait for his scores. He has started working on his college applications, and looking for scholarships. This is so much easier than it was when I was in school. They now just do a “common app” that is good at most schools. No longer do they have to do a paper application for each and every school that they want to attend.

David had a rough week. He spent all day every day running long meetings. Then had to do the obligatory dinner out with the people he works with. One night while they were out David’s computer bag got stolen. So he lost his computer, 2 pairs of glasses, an iPod and a bunch of different chargers. Everything is replaceable but it is such a pain to deal with. I think he was more than happy to be home Friday night. It was a very long two weeks.

For me this week was productive but lonely. On Monday David sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a follow-up to the bouquet he sent the previous Monday.  I missed having David at home with me at night. I missed coming home from work and having him waiting for me. I am thankful that my children behaved while he was gone, but am so glad that he is home.

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