So I missed church on Sunday due to illness. During Davids recap of the service I really felt like I needed to write or email about our experience with tithing. So here goes. Close friends and family may find parts of this hard to believe.

I am so glad that tithing will NEVER be an issue in our house. During the past year the only thing that has changed is that we now tithe and we did not do so before. We have seen first hand the benefits of obeying God in this area of our lives.

In 2006 we basically stopped going to church (hard to believe). It was too hard with all of the foster kids. Once we stopped going to church we also stopped tithing. Thats when things began to get a little rough. Paying the bills became a nightmare. There was never enough money and stuff always got paid late. There was never money for extras and our budget needed a budget. I would get sick just thinking about paying the bills.

Then in July of 2007- our house was empty (no foster kids). We saw a sign for a church in a movie theatre and we decided to attend. Needless to say we really liked it, so we continued to go. We wrote a tithe check during our second visit to the church.

Since then we have been faithful with not only paying our tithes but giving extra. God has blessed us in many ways since we became faithful with tithing. I believe that I am a giver, but I never had anything to give until now. Through our faithfulness God has allowed us to bless others and he has blessed us. Look what GOD has done through us obeying him in giving of tithes: (I am only listing a few).

  1. Revoluntary Love Christmas: We were blessed and were able to give more than I thought we could give. It felt wonderful to put the gift cards in the basket and know we were making a difference. This was a large gift and we look forward to doing it again next Christmas.
  2. Must Thanksgiving: We were able to provide dinner for more than 1 family.
  3. Single Mom : We were able to provide her first and last months rent to move into a better place.
  4. We were able to give a “wad” of cash to some very deserving people we were told by God to do so and we did even though it seemed strange to us.

Prior to our tithing we would not have been able to give anything to any of these people.

Were we tested? YES. In Jan. of 2007, my pay got cut by $1000.00 per month. But we still were faithful and paid our tithes. A few weeks later David needed to hire another contractor, which increased his pay, almost the exact amount that mine got cut.

Has God blessed us? YES. Not only can we give to others but this past year we have been able to give to ourselves. Tithing has made our lives better. Through our tithes we bless our church, and the church is able to bless others. Through tithing we have been blessed and have been able to bless others. We will continue to be faithful in tithing and know that God will continue to bless us.


One Response to “Tithing”

  1. Carmen says:

    I totally get the whole tithing thing. It’s not about money, it’s about obedience, and God blesses obedience. We have been faithful to tithe for quite some time. It seemed like if we paid our tithes, we had enough to pay all our bills. If we didn’t, we ran out of money and some bills were late. Weird I know, but true! God is awesome and He does bless obedience. So glad to hear of your blessings!