Life is not always Roses and Sunshine

valentines-day-theme-1-1413274-mI know it has been forever since I have written a blog post. Some people have asked me why I stopped blogging. My response has been because I quit having anything positive to say. I did not want to become “Negative Nancy.”  Things going on in my life during the first part of this year were just about too much for me to deal with.  A friend Jeff reminded me that sometimes we need talk about the trials we are facing, so that others can support us and know that they are not alone when they are facing the not so great times in life.

After giving it thought I have decided to return to writing out my thoughts. I made this decision based on several factors one is that Jeff is right. We do not need to be all “roses and sunshine” all of the time.  We need to let others know when we are facing battles.  After all, how can others help us or pray for us if they do not know what is going on. The other thing I realized is that I do much better with my spiritual life and fitness when I blog. I use my readers (thanks to the few of you) as my accountability group. I have been slack in both of these areas over the past few months and I know that part the reason for my slackness is because I am not holding myself accountable. I hope to get back on top of things in the coming weeks.

It’s been a while and a lot has happened with our family. I look forward to bringing my readers up to date during the coming days.

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