Sometimes its like a Foreign Language

BibleI have taken on the task of reading the Bible in a year. I am following a plan and have read a whopping 3% of the Bible. Of course I still have time, the year is just beginning.

Some of the Bible is pretty straight forward and very easy to understand. However, other parts tend to be confusing, mostly because to understand what is being said you have to understand the context and history of the time in which it was being written. I think many people fail to read the Bible on a regular basis because they can not truly understand what many of the passages are saying.  I have a minor in the Bible and still find some passages in the Bible to be confusing and hard to understand. Sometimes I read a passage and think, “what did I just read.” I also think people don’t take time to read the Bible because they can not see how a text that is so old can apply to their lives today. To me reading the Bible without commentary is like reading a foreign language.

In order to better understand the Bible and the message being conveyed through it I make sure to not only read the actual verses, but I also read commentary concerning the passages. I am currently reading the NIV Life Application Study Bible. I love this version and commentary. The Life Application commentary gives both historical context of the time period as well as how to apply the passages to everyday life.  Each book of this Bible is prefaced with a book introduction that includes information about the author (if known), the time period, and the key events covered within the book. Currently my Life Application Study Bible is my favorite Bible.

What version of the Bible do you use? Do you read a commentary, if so which one do you enjoy most?


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