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4WeeksI have seen the saying in the picture on this post hundreds of times. At the start of January I printed the quote. I now keep it on my desk taped to the bottom of my computer screen. Due to the location of this note I am forced to look at it several times each day. It serves as a constant reminder that change is not going to happen overnight.

Just a few days ago I told David, “I am ready to quit, I am not seeing progress.”  He said, “no you don’t want to quit, you will regret it if you do.”  I know that it is too soon to see progress, but I am a progress kind of girl. The more I see the better I do. Progress will come if I keep moving forward. So I will keep moving forward.

I know many people that start health and fitness goals in January and by the end of February they are done. I see it in the gym I work out at. In January it is packed, by mid February it goes from packed to a little crowded then by March it is kind of lonely again. I also see it in the teachers lunch room at work. Right now every one is eating healthy foods and drinking water. Here in a few weeks the carb packed, sugar filled lunches will return, as they begin to give up one by one.

I won’t be a quitter.  No stopping, no quitting, no getting discouraged success takes time.

What fitness and health quotes help keep you motivated?

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2 Responses to “Fitness Motivational Quote”

  1. terri thorne says:

    You are very inspiring in many areas, love to read your blog. This was a great reminder today, thank you.
    I was doing good working out with friends, seeing progress and then life happend, got busy, they decided to do other things and it was just hard for me to stay motivated. I need to get back to it that is for sure. Good luck with your goals, God bless! -terri

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you Terri for your kind words. It is hard to stay motivated and life happens often and gets me off track too. I hope to stay on track this year and become a healthier me for myself and my family. I wish you the best of luck on reaching your health goals too.