Fitness is Like Marriage

fittnessmarriageThis is the quote that will be my fitness motivation during the month of February. I have placed it on my computer monitor so I will see it daily while at work.  I have never thought about a fitness plan being like a marriage. The more I think about it the more I find in common with the two.

With both fitness and marriage you have to be committed. Without commitment it is easy to just throw your hands up and say “I quit.” To have a successful marriage you have to work at having a successful marriage. It does not just happen.  In turn to be successful with fitness and health goals  you have to work on them. Marriage is sometimes hard, and at times sticking to health and fitness goals are also hard. When difficulties arise in marriage you have to face them head on, the same is true with fitness.

I would never cheat on David and  expect our marriage to remain in a healthy state. Most people know that cheating in a marriage is destructive.  Most of us have seen the devastation and the  physical and emotional toll this type of behavior takes on a marriage. While cheating on my health and fitness goals may not be destructive to my marriage it can be destructive to my physical and emotional health.  Cheating on health and fitness goals will not move me forward, it will only hold me back.

In what other ways can you draw a parallel to marriage and fitness goals?



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