Savings this week

My weekly grocery shopping trip helped to restock the pantry. We were running low on several items so I was glad to see sales on cereal and pasta. My total grocery bill came in at $232.52 however after coupons and buy on get one deals I only paid $56.75. Not too shabby. We needed a few items that I did not have coupons for so those pushed my total up a little bit.

The buys of the week included:
  • Smuckers Jelly for .89 per jar after coupons
  • 6 Boxes of cereal for less than $1.00 per box after coupons and BOGO
  • Muller’s Pasta .25 per box after coupons and BOGO
I love saving money when I shop for the family food items. Every dollar I save is a dollar we can use toward other items.

One Response to “Savings this week”

  1. Kim Taylor says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!