Happy day for some…

Mother’s Day can be one of the most painful days of the years for those who desire children but can’t have them.  After years of struggling with infertility and the pain associated with not having a child I can relate to those who are enduring this struggle.

Interestingly enough church can be the most painful place of all to be on Mother’s Day. For years I refused to go to church on Mother’s Day. I could not sit there and listen to sermons about the great mother’s in the Bible. I could not listen to one more person read verses about children being a blessing from God. I could not endure one more Mother’s Day contest- you know the ones- prizes given for the oldest mom, mom with the most children present, newest mom, the list goes on and on.

The worst part of church on Mother’s Day was people smiling at me and asking  “so when are you going to get busy and have a baby?”  For some reason people think it is okay to ask that question on Mother’s Day. Well its not an appropriate question any day of the year. That question can send a person who suffers infertility into a tail spin.

To me Mother’s Day is just another day. My children and husband honor me each and every day. I do not expect gifts or excellent behavior on that day. I appreciate the meaning behind the day but mourn for those who long to hold a child in their arms. I cry for those who I love that have lost unborn children. I cry for those who month after month can not conceive.

Tomorrow as  you celebrate pray for those women in your life that suffer and are in pain and feel like they have a knife being twisted in their back.

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