Coping with Stress

People have asked me how have I lost weight, and how do I plan on keeping it off.  That’s a hard question to answer. It is also a question that can not be answered in one blog post.

I am a stress eater. As far back as I can remember I have reached for comfort food when my stress levels go up. I let my emotional state determine what I eat. When I am having a hard day that spins out of control nothing seems to help like a big piece of chocolate cake.

I don’t know anyone who does not experience stress on some level. We all have different things that trigger stress in our lives. We also all have different responses to stress when it occurs. Most of the things that cause me stress are out of my control, but my response to stress is totally within my control.

In January,  I made a conscious decision to not let stress dictate what I eat. Before I put anything in my mouth I ask myself  “am I eating this because of any other reason than hunger?” I no longer eat my way through the stress. I find other outlets to reduce the stress such as:

  • going for a walk
  • taking a long hot bath
  • yelling at the top of my lungs
  • listening to soothing music
  • praying and seeking God for peace in the situation
  • writing in a journal

While these coping measures may not always cause my stress to disappear they do help to make me feel a better.  I also feel better knowing that I did not turn to food to bring me short term pleasure that would have long term consequences.

Today, I celebrate 9 months of not being a stress eater. I guess you could say I am in recovery. Its been hard, but good.

Do you eat when you are not hungry?  If so are you willing to stop so that you can experience a more healthy life. If stress eating is not the source of your over eating what is?  Are you a social eater? Do you eat out of boredom? Think about it, pinpointing why you overeat could be the first key in successful weight loss and maintenance.

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