6 Ways to Decrease Calorie Intake

We all know that the best way to drop unwanted pounds is to burn more calories than we consume.  Over the past year I have been really looking at what I eat, when I eat, and why I eat. I have found that while I watch calorie intake that there are some easy things I can do on a daily basis in order to reduce my overall intake on a regular basis.

I think many of us eat without realizing  just how many uncounted calories we consume on a daily basis. It is especially easy to consume extra calories if you are the family cook. Here are a  few ways I have found to help reduce my overall calorie intake:

  1. Don’t taste test the food. While cooking I have a habit of tasting the food to make sure it is just right. However sometimes one taste turns into another and another. This taste testing can add hundreds of calories to your daily total.
  2. Don’t finish off a side or main dish because it’s not enough to save for left overs and you don’t want to waste the food. It’s okay to waste it.
  3. Don’t finish off the last few bites of your toddlers meal, once again its okay to have waste.
  4. Drink water instead of sweet tea, cola, or wine. These liquids are full of empty calories that add up especially if you can not stop at just one glass per meal.
  5. Don’t keep eating just because everyone else is still eating. Sometimes I find myself helping myself to more just because the rest of the family is still working on their meal. Its okay to be the first one to finish a meal. You can still sit at the table and enjoy the family and conversation without adding more food to your plate.
  6. Don’t drown your food. I love salad dressing, dips, sour cream and cream cheese. I very much dislike the low calorie versions of these condiments. So when I first started trying to drop the pounds I decreased the amount of condiments I added to my food. I have slowly weened myself off most of these delicious toppings. Sure I use them once in a while, but really how much sour cream does a baked potato need?

All the little things really do add up to make a big difference.

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