Mud or Stars?

“Two women looked through prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars” ~ from the book Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.

Since reading the quote above I have been unable to get it out of my mind. Those words really spoke to my heart and made me examine how I view my life. At times lifting my head above the mud seems to be impossible. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with balancing my family, career, and life in general. Life happens and it is not always pretty, lets be honest sometimes it gets messy. Stress, doubt, disappointment, change, and so many other issues can make life very difficult.

For some reason it seems easier to focus on what is wrong with our lives instead of what is good. Sometimes we focus so much on the bad stuff that we fail to recognize when good things happen. During the difficult times I need to choose to see the stars through the mud. We can not live our lives based on our current circumstances, we have to be able to look beyond our current state. Refusing to focus on the mud allows you to live a life that is focused on the blessings. While life may not always live up to our hopes and desires we need to shift our focus from the mud to the stars. I really want to see past the mud and gaze upon the stars.

What do you see on a daily basis, the mud or the stars?

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